There are two primary ways water enters into a basement or crawlspace:
  • Hydrostatic Pressure
  • Surface Water

There is a big misconception of this as a majority of people believe that water problems are due to gutters, not enough dirt built up around the foundation, etc. However, these are rarely the reasons behind water entering into a basement or crawlspace.

If you have a wall crack that water seaps through even in a small rain shower, you are dealing with surface water.

However, if you do not see water entering your basement except for heavy downpours, usually for an extended period of time, you are dealing with hydrostatic pressure, which is water that comes up from directly beneath your home.

The difference is that surface water most generally comes in through the walls.

Hydrostatic pressure is when water enters the basement through the cove area (where the wall and floor meet) or through floor cracks. (This is also the problem with crawlspaces.)

If you are dealing with a wet crawlspace, leaky wall cracks, or even a basement with several inches/feet of water, our system can resolve your problem. (All systems include a warranty.)

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