Lasting Solutions Against Water Damage in Elizabethtown, KY

At Master Waterproofing in Elizabethtown, KY, we’ve been serving realtors, contractors, and homeowners throughout Kentucky since 1989. We consider it our mission to deliver lasting solutions at a price you can afford. Our free estimates will give you a clear idea of what to expect from the job in terms of both price and duration. From waterproofing and piering to repairing water damage and basement cracks caused by foundation issues, we handle it all. 


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As experienced professionals, we understand how leaks start in basements and crawlspaces. While many believe that water problems are a result of gutters failing to direct water away from the house or a lack of dirt around the foundation of a home, we know that the two primary ways water enters these spaces are hydrostatic pressure and surface water. With a comprehensive understanding of the cause, we are able to provide effective solutions.

Our waterproofing system can resolve the messiest of problems, whether you have a wet crawl space, leaking wall cracks, or a basement with several inches or feet of water. When you contact us, we’ll have one of our certified structural evaluators come out to provide both a free assessment and estimate of the work required after water damage has affected your home.

There are two primary ways water enters a basement or crawlspace: 

  • Hydrostatic Pressure 
  • Surface Water 

There is a big misconception of this as most people believe that water problems are due to gutters, not enough dirt built up around the foundation, etc. However, these are rarely the reasons behind water entering a basement or crawlspace. 

 If you are dealing with a wet crawlspace, leaky wall cracks, or even a basement with several inches/feet of water, our system can resolve your problem. (All systems include a warranty.) 

 Don't wait until your problem gets worse! Call or E-mail Master Waterproofing today for a FREE estimate and make your basement a MASTER-piece!

What is Epoxy?

Our crack repairs are done using a 100% solid epoxy system injected into the crack.  Epoxies are basically high-strength plastics. Epoxies consist of a resin and a hardener which when mixed together causes the two materials to react and harden.

It is 100% non-toxic in a cured form and is completely safe when used in accordance with the manufacturer’s printed instructions.

Products such as caulks, sealers patches and adhesives are temporary repairs which require re-application over a period of time. Epoxy is specifically designed to provide for a lasting repair which meets or exceeds the original strength of the item repaired. The repair is so strong it can withstand pressures of over 14,000 pounds per square inch!

Master Waterproofing Epoxy in Elizabethtown, KY


Our certified structural evaluator will give a free assessment and estimate of your home. Our state of the art system will lift your home securely in place with the stability it needs, using the deepest driven pier in the market. We are an authorized STABIL-LOC FOUNDATION PIERING SYSTEM installer. 

Signs That You Have a Failed Foundation

Inside the House

  • Cracks in Drywall
  • Doors and Windows that Stick
  • Cracks in Floors and Tile
  • Misaligned Doors and Windows

Outside the House

  • Gaps around Doors and Windows
  • Cracks in Foundation
  • Stair Step Cracks in Brick Walls
  • Fascia Boards Pulling Away
  • Chimneys Tilting or Pulling Away


  • Walls Leaning in or Out
  • Water Leakage at Base of Walls


  • Separation from Door
  • Walls Rotating Out
  • Stair Step Cracks in Brick Wall

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State of the Art Lift Systems

As authorized STABIL-LOC FOUNDATION PIERING SYSTEM® installers, we know the best methods to lift your home. Our state-of-the-art system will lift your home securely in place with the stability it needs, using the deepest driven pier in the market. We’re always careful, and our years of success make us confident that our solutions will work great for you.

Give us a call today to learn more about how we’ll go above and beyond to provide you with the best waterproofing and piering services throughout the state. Contact us and we’ll show you why we’ve become a reliable source for many throughout the state.

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Basement Crack Repair

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Vent Well Repair and Replacement

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